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Re: Heavens' Henge

PostPosted: 12:47 am
by Mick Harper
I recommend Jon's initial post in the Stonehenge Lintel Awareness thread on the Megalithic Portal site. We could all use lessons in parsimony. ... &start=160

Jon, I will be interested at your reaction to Hewpop's post.

Re: Heavens' Henge

PostPosted: 8:26 am
by hvered
Re Hewpop, he lists such carefully precise measurements though I wonder what they would come out as in feet and inches. Does using the metric system make a difference?

Re: Heavens' Henge

PostPosted: 11:41 am
by jon
I will be interested at your reaction to Hewpop's post.

I don't know the point of his post Mick.

Re: Heavens' Henge

PostPosted: 9:35 am
by spiral
One thing you can be sure as more sites and structures are uncovered around Stonehenge, orthodoxy will discover more temples for ritual purposes, and the archeology-astronomers will find new alignments.

Neither of which would have been much help to Joe Average as he trudged round the taskscape.....

Re: Heavens' Henge

PostPosted: 6:25 pm
by Boreades
For the Henge Watchers amongst us: The Stonehenge Codes

Item three on the home page is a link to a free and entertaining 459-page eBook (pdf).
Has much material worthy of discussion here.

Re: Heavens' Henge

PostPosted: 9:08 am
by Boreades
A date for the diaries?

Sat, November 22, 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Stonehenge, Amesbury, Wiltshire SP4 7DE, United Kingdom

A special early evening bookable tour of Stonehenge, learning about the stars and planetary movements and how early man may have utilised them. Over 12’s only, under 16’s to be accompanied by an adult. Each person is required to bring a torch. For full details of pricing and booking, please see ... rs-22-nov/

Member (Adult) £25
Adult £30


Re: Heavens' Henge

PostPosted: 5:49 am
by jon
Did anyone go and was it fun? I haven't been to Stonehenge in years so would be interesting to see how it's all changed.

Re: Heavens' Henge

PostPosted: 11:43 am
by Boreades
Likewise, I haven't been to Stonehenge in years, although many times I have had to drive past it on that Road To Hell, otherwise known as the A303's Summer Traffic Gridlock.

So I have mixed feelings about our Prime Minister's announcement that "the whole length of the A303 will be upgraded to be at least a dual carriageway in a billion-pound programme to drive the economic regeneration of the south west." ... story.html

At the recent National Trust AGM, they said they are now willing to support a short tunnel at Stonehenge.
You can see the two questions asked about the tunnel and the Trust’s answers here: ... g-session/

Question 1 by Kate Fielden 48 minutes – for 4 minutes
Question 2 by Kate Freeman 1 hour 03 minutes – for 2 minutes.

Re: Heavens' Henge

PostPosted: 9:58 am
by hvered
The Road to the Hell-stone is the most important feature, at least for those who assume that modern roads generally follow the course of older routes.

Re: Heavens' Henge

PostPosted: 12:46 pm
by jon
The Road to the Hell-stone is the most important feature

That'll be the one paved with good intentions or did you mean heel-stone? Either way seems more or less right