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Postby Mick Harper » 7:32 am

Since going on a course with Momentum it has been decided to merge the TME Pension Fund and the TME Police (as Borry so amusingly calls our Fact Checking Dept) under the supervision of Brother Hatty, until the situation can be formally authorised at the next AGM. AGM arrangements themselves will continue to be part of my own responsibilities.
Mick Harper
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Re: Every forum needs a Humour Section...

Postby Boreades » 9:33 am

Shocking news, archaeologists have admitted to a, err, huge historical cock-up.

Cerne Abbas Giant: Snails show chalk hill figure 'not prehistoric'. Snails have shown an ancient naked figure sculpted into a chalk hillside is unlikely to be prehistoric as hoped, archaeologists have said. Tests of soil samples extracted from Dorset's Cerne Abbas Giant to determine its exact age have been delayed by the coronavirus epidemic. They are not due until later in the year. However, land snail shells found in the samples suggest it may date to medieval times, separate tests have found.

Snails? What snails?

Martin Papworth, senior archaeologist at the National Trust, and environmental archaeologist Mike Allen said two species of snail that appeared for the first time in Britain in the Roman period - thought to have been brought over from France as food - were not found at the site. However, microscopic species, found for the first time in the medieval period during the 13th and 14th Centuries, have been discovered in the samples. The National Trust project, in which soil was taken from the giant's elbows and feet, was carried out to celebrate its 100-year ownership of the site.


I'm wondering if this revisionism means Britain didn't have snails until the Romans arrived?

But good for the Cerne Abbas Giant, the archaeologists only tickled his elbows and feet. Academic modesty may have deterred them from touching his penis.


The figure has been unofficially altered several times before, most recently during the coronavirus pandemic when it was given a mask
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Re: Every forum needs a Humour Section...

Postby hvered » 9:53 am

Why would it make any difference how ancient or modern the snail samples, or the chalk samples for that matter, are? A carving or petroglyph isn't automatically prehistoric because the object being sculpted is as old as the hills.

Records of the Cerne Abbas Giant only begin at the end of the seventeenth century. That provenance may be seen as rather too late though such an unusual chalk figure would surely have invited comment

the earliest surviving documents regarding the Cerne Giant dates only as far back as 1694, but some residents of the village, who remember local stories tell of a giant that was killed on the hill. They claim that the figure had been there "beyond the antiquity of man"
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