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Bosnian Pyramids

Postby Boreades » 1:47 pm

Has anyone been following the stories of the pyramids in Bosnia?


Is it real or a fake?
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Re: Bosnian Pyramids

Postby hvered » 4:07 pm

The pyramids in Bosnia appear to have been overgrown and subsequently forgotten for centuries if not millennia, so claims about cosmic energy ring a bit hollow. What's interesting in my view is a) they are vast enough to have been mistaken for natural features throughout recorded history and b) the discoveries are being downplayed by the very authorities who usually get ultra excited over signs of antiquity on their doorstep. So what's going on do you think?
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Re: Bosnian Pyramids

Postby Mick Harper » 4:53 pm

Some interesting snippets from the Wiki account.

According to Professor Vrabac, who specializes in paleogeology, there are dozens of similar morphological formations in the Sarajevo-Zenica mining basin alone.

First of all I am intrigued to learn there is such a discipline as 'paleogeology'. Long may it flourish so long as it's not just a branch of the Earth ("Everything's natural") Sciences. Secondly, similar formations in a 'mining area' point to them being un-natural since there cannot possibly be a strictly geological explanation. This does not mean necessarily that they are ancient of course.

Osmanagić also invited geologist and alternative archaeologist Robert Schoch to visit the site. In a preliminary report Schoch concluded that there were natural geological explanations for all the features claimed to be artificial by Osmanagić. In the case of the tunnels he further added:"The much-touted “ancient inscriptions” seem not to be ancient at all. I was told by a reliable source that the inscriptions were not there when members of the “pyramid team” initially entered the tunnels less than two years ago. The “ancient inscriptions” had been added since, perhaps non-maliciously, or perhaps as a downright hoax.[23] Schoch's website documents "extreme damage being done by the way the excavations are being performed," and accuses Osmanagić of launching "a deliberate smear campaign."

Since Robert Schoch is a fellow-speaker at Glastonbury when I unleash my "they're all artificial" theories about Glastonbury Tor, Chesil Beach et al, sparks may fly.
Mick Harper
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Re: Bosnian Pyramids

Postby Boreades » 6:16 pm

If Robert Schoch accepts the tunnels (at least) are old, and it is a mining area, perhaps the "pyramids" are ancient spoil heaps?

His site:
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Re: Bosnian Pyramids

Postby macausland » 3:06 pm

Here's an interesting video on Egyptian pyramids which tries to examine when they were built and why.

It gets a bit 'new agey' at times and there's a bit of a 'women ruled the world and everything was rosy' element to it but they do bring out specialists in various disciplines to back up what they are saying.

Part of the video shows a mini expedition to where they think the civilisation started in what is now desert, complete with a circle of standing stones that wouldn't look out of place in Britain.
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