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Re: Hello old friend

Postby hvered » 12:07 pm

Komorikid's son is in England where he married and has a little boy now so Komori and his wife have an excuse to use their camper van. He's posted occasionally here and on the AEL site, which is sort of the successor to the old quest group. Always good to hear from him/you.

Palaeogeography hasn't come up much in this forum but there's a Geophysics section on AEL which is still thriving.
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Re: Hello old friend

Postby OakeyDokey » 12:24 pm

Despite what I may have expected, this group was always home for me. Glad some of you are managing that thing called life! My god you are an eclectic bunch and I strive against the established. The guys made me kind of proud to be a part of it all. Keep questioning is all I can offer!


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Re: Hello old friend

Postby Mick Harper » 12:48 pm

That's enough socialising, Oakey, start posting nuggets.
Mick Harper
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Re: Hello old friend

Postby OakeyDokey » 12:38 pm

Lol. Thx Mick,

Will keep looking
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Re: Hello old friend

Postby Komorikid » 1:35 am

Walkabout seems appropriate though most of it has been in a Motorhome around Europe the last few years.
I am sorry I have been lax in my attention to this new venture but I will try to be more attentive from now on.
Some information that some may like to follow up on.
The terraforming of the landscape is a major part of TME as it was in some of the Quest Threads namely the N American Indians and the E Asian Tribes who are genetically related.
I have been reading a book that you may be interested in.
The Biggest Estate on Earth - How Aborigines made Australia.
This is Terraforming writ large as evidenced by early European settlers and written about extensively in thousands of eye witness accounts.
Though most didn't actually know or understand what they were witnessing.


It also has links to animal behaviour which is what most of the terraforming was designed for.
It seems to neatly dovetail into TME quite nicely, though the objectives may have been different.
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