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It looks like Anglesey is all the rage in archaeological circles these days. They've discovered a massive prehistoric site and now a graveyard dating back one and a half thousand years complete with bony inhabitants.

One interesting comment is on how some of the finds have more in common with Ireland than with the rest of Wales.

At Barclodiad y Gawres, between Rhosneigr and Aberffraw, there is one of the most impressive prehistoric remains site in North Wales.

The chambered tomb has been partially reconstructed following its excavation.

At the tomb there is a wealth of carved stones, particularly several carved with spiral patterns similar to those found at Bryn Celli Ddu, also on Anglesey.

The patterns are unique in Wales and have more in common with similar-era tombs in Ireland rather than the rest of Wales and Britain. ... 00-8725025

The 48 bodies found are thought to be in a Christian graveyard and probably date from the end of the Roman period. Another estimate is between 500AD and 1000AD.

Since the initial find of around 30 graves last month, at least 48 have now been discovered on the site of the new Llangefni Link Road near Coleg Menai after experts expanded their excavation.

Some of the cist graves, which date back to early medieval times, hold the remains of more than one person, and a number of interesting artefacts have also been found.

They include a small bronze brooch from one of the graves, dating from the end of the Roman period, fragments of Samian pottery which would have been imported from Gaul (in modern day France), a brooch clasp and a fragment of roofing tile which suggests that there were buildings nearby. ... e-11349380 ... c-10268654

On the gold front a gold ring was found along with ingots which the experts think may have been used as currency.

Image ... x-11258933

Given the good state of the skeletons it will be interesting to see if DNA tests can link these people to specific populations given that there appears to be a big difference between DNA of North and South Wales.
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