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PostPosted: 9:13 pm
by Mick Harper
Yes, this is all a great problem, some of it covered over on the AEL as well. On the one hand we have more and more of these 'giant coincidences', which require more and more stupendous interventions by Ancient Man, but on the other we run into the problem of "the more you look, the more you find" which is so prevalent in conspiracy theories. I don't know how to reconcile all this but generally we take the view that as long as original material is being generated -- as opposed to the repetitious glee of conspiracy theorists -- we won't be going too far wrong.

Re: Book & site list

PostPosted: 2:41 pm
by Boreades
Bubbling under at #25 in Amazon Best Sellers in Prehistoric Archaeology

A Neolithic Universe, by (our very own) Jonathan M Morris

With over two hundred and fifty illustrations & photographs and more than two hundred notes cross-referencing to some seventy reference works, this edition of describes a new interpretation of some North European monuments, including Stonehenge, based the idea that they represent an accumulation of knowledge about the cosmos. ... 0956861733