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Re: Every forum needs a Humour Section...

PostPosted: 5:33 pm
by Boreades
I take you now to the filming of a new TV episode of Philomena Cunk on The History of Britain.

Episode 6: The History of The Railways
Scene 1 : Philomena interviews a Historian.

Philomena : So, who was it that invented the steam engine or why did he do it?
Historian : Most people say Watt.
Philomena : Alright ... what was it that invented the steam engine or what was it that did it?
Historian : Err, no, it was a person called James Watt
Philomena : Oh ... and who what was it what put it on wheels?
Historian : Err, no, it wasn't Watt what did it, it was Trevithick
Philomena : Trevy Thick? Why was he called that, was he stupid or something?
Historian : No, he was Richard Trevithick, a Cornish mining engineer. He did it in 1802. But Robert Stephenson build The Rocket in 1829.
Philomena : A Rocket? Was that how he got to Treasure Island?
Historian : What?
Philomena : No, not Watt, Stephenson, he had a Treasure Island.
Historian : Oh, you mean Robert Louis Stevenson. He wrote a book called Treasure Island, then he went to Samoa and lived there with Fanny.
Philomena : Fanny? Are you being rude?

Filming was paused at this point.

Re: Every forum needs a Humour Section...

PostPosted: 10:07 pm
by Boreades
Today in Devizes, which is just down the road from the centre of the Megalithic Universe (and a few yards from an excellent brewery), the local auction house just sold a Titanic gold pocket watch relic for £900,000

A gold pocket watch worn by the wealthiest passenger on the Titanic has sold for six times the asking price, fetching £900,000. The watch belonged to businessman John Jacob Astor and was estimated to sell for £150,000 when it went under the hammer in Wiltshire.

It was one of those Rodney's Harrison Chronometer moments.

Inspired by that, I have sent the staff of Chateau Boreades a-rummaging in the cellars, to search underneath M'Lady's collection of vintage empty wine bottles, for some more megalithic relics. Who knows? We might find another Golden Lozenge, miraculously preserved in incredibly good condition, so good it looks like it was only made yesterday. ... time-00946

Re: Every forum needs a Humour Section...

PostPosted: 6:46 am
by Mick Harper
Good to hear Titanic-crazedom is still operating full blast in view of our efforts over on the AEL, which I am sure you are following, Borry. Though in parts of Wiltshire it may be the first they've heard of the Titanic sinking.