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Postby Mick Harper » 1:25 pm

We have had cause to discuss in this forum the role of tradition and folk memory as adjuncts to the historical record. A recent example has come to my attention

A studies chemistry with B. Thirties years later A tells C that B is ‘invincibly narrow-minded”. This is of course only A's opinion of B but fortunately there is a historical record confirming that others thought so too. B was an unsuccessful candidate for a job interview in which the interviewers reported that B is "headstrong, obstinate and dangerously self-opinionated". A has had sight of this report, has memorised the words and passed them on to C. C in turn memorised the words for thirty years and entered them into the written record complete with provenance, authority and circumstantial evidence.
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Re: Megalithic masons

Postby TisILeclerc » 1:43 pm

I heard about a bloke who thinks the Irish are English. What a larff eh?

http:// This woman is headstrong, obstinate and dangerously self-opinionated.
ICI personnel department assessment, rejecting job application from Margaret in 1948

I could find the original quote if you want. But I can't be bothered. I hope the BBC will do for you
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Re: Megalithic masons

Postby Mick Harper » 1:55 pm

Well .... yes, I rather think that source is not beyond reproach. I find it difficult to believe that such words would feature on a personnel report of a failed candidate but I suppose it is possible.

However, you mistake my purpose. I do not disagree with any of the labels attached to Mrs Thatcher, only the way Borrie is turning a Chinese Whisper into solid quotes. Nor, for that matter, do I necessarily doubt Borrie's recollection. But remember, when we are dealing with medieval annals and 'literary' sources, we have to add another five hundred years as the story is further recounted from Borrie to Borrie down the generations. Will all Borries be as honest and eidetic as our Borrie?
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Re: Megalithic masons

Postby Boreades » 9:06 pm

TisILeclerc wrote:Here's one for you to play with Borry.

They've discovered what they think is a henge on Eston Hills on the south bank of the Tees. There is an old iron age camp in the same area and the place was mined in the nineteenth century but this is the first suggestion of a henge.


I've added it to the Megalithic Map of the Universe (Northern England section shown here)


Clearly there's lots of potential for filling in the gaps on the Yorks Dales and Moors.

Herpo, it's all up to you now. I'm going off grid, I may be some time. Do let us know what you find. It's easy to get to from Knotting Hull on the TME tricycle. Straight up Kilburn High Street, then left hand up a bit and onto the A1 for a few hundred miles. The exercise will do you good, you'll be less of a grumpy old sod as well.

Edit: PS on your way, please investigate the Temple Fortune area.
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