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TisILeclerc wrote:Why do documentary makers insist in turning interesting material into senseless crap with little or no substance. I imagine this lot are Mercian.

Anyway somebody has found a henge in the sea off Orkney and they've done a tiny wee exploration of it and that's all you get. But, could be interesting.


I did try watching that video but found it underwhelming. Call me slow-witted, but I've only just had a stray thought. Why has the sea level (apparently) risen around Orkney, while most of Scotland is rising because of "glacial isostatic adjustment"? Did the ice-age glaciers not touch Orkney?

Areas of rising land levels include:
Tyne and Wear
Northumberland coast, Berwickshire, East Lothian,
The Firth of Forth and the Moray Forth
Fife, Aberdeenshire, Caithness
Minch and the Western Isles
Argyll, Ayrshire and the Solway Firth
Northern Irish coast
Isle of Man
Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside
North Wales

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/ ... study.html

Interactive map?

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech ... e-age.html
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